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Folk Art Paints & Mediums

Americana Acrylic Paint and Jo Sonja Acrylic Paint. Other related product available: Sealer, Crackling Medium, Blending Gel, Antiquing Gel, Retarder , Clear Glaze and finishing varnish.

Folk Art Tools

Sta-wet Palette, RinseWell, Brush cleaner, Brushes of different shapes and sizes, Sea Sponge, Stylus, Transfer Paper, Palette Knife, Sponge, Brush Basin, etc.

Folk Art Books

Folk Art books by well-known Folk Artist like Jo Sonja, Annette Stevenson, Donna Dewberry, Ros Singleton, etc.

Wood items

Wood item for painting are available.


Folk Art Starter Kit

Varnish, Sealer, Jo Sonja set, Round brush liner, Stylus, Transfer paper.


Folk Art Classes

Introduction to Folk Art
The class will allow the student to experience the beauty of folk art painting. The students will acquire knowledge on preparation of wood item for painting, base-coating, special background effects and simple brushstrokes to paint daisies or any other designs as well as usage of finishing product.

Duration : 2 hours. Tools and materials are provided.


Beginners Series
The beginner series classes will teach you how to prepare wood item for painting. They will experience the usage of various tools such as brushes, liners, sponges, stylus, etc. Mediums such as retarder and crackling medium as well as varnish will also be used. It also covers all the basic folk art brushstrokes required for painting flowers.

Beginner Class

Basic Brushstrokes Exercise
This class will feature all the basic brushstrokes in Folk Art Painting using the round brush. It also focused on preparing the surface and background painting.
Duration : 2 1/2 hr

Shading Technique - Fruits/Country Motif
Folk Art using shading technique, highlighting
Duration : 2 1/2 hr

Flowers using Filbert Brush
Duration : 2 1/2 hr

Angle/Flat Brush Rose
Another version of roses using the angle brush
Duration : 2 1/2 hr

Round Brush Roses
A version of traditional Victorian Rose decorated with filler flowers and ribbon
Duration : 2 1/2 hr

*for all above - own tools and paints

Intermediate Classes
The classes allow the students to experience painting using various brushes like flat, filbert, angular, deerfoot. It also covers various technique of painting on various surfaces.

Duration : Maximum 3 hours per session. Excluding materials and tools.


Painting Garden Scene
Painting garden scenery, cottages and birdhouse.

Basket of Flowers
Painting basket - daffodils, tulips and lilac.

Painting Still Life
Painting of Kitchen Things.

Painting Animals
Painting a family of bears.

Painting of laces design.

Advanced Classes
Individual projects selected by students.

Duration : Maximum 3 hours per session. Excluding materials and tools.

Traditional Folk Art

Class Featuring
Folk Art painting technique from Germany

Hinderloopen Folk Art painting technique from Holland
Rosmaling Folk Art painting technique from Norway
Zhostovo Folk Art painting technique from Russia

Multi-loading Technique Technique of painting using multi coloured paint with a single brushstroke.


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