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Decoupage papers and DecoArt Napkins, Decoupage Medium and varnish.

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Glass Painting
Lefranc-Bourgeois brand of Glass & Tile paint includes 26 opaque or semi-opaque colours and 20 transparent colours, 4 glitters colours, 6 colours for a frosted glass finish and 3 outliners. 19 colours of The VITRAIL (oil-based) range are available.


Porcelain Painting
We have a porcelain paint of various colours as well as pen and outliners in tubes. This paint requires baking at a certain temperature in order to make it permanent and food safe.

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DecoupageProcelain Painting
Glass Painting
Plastic Container / Candle Painting <click on the picture to enlarge>
We have Decoart Ultragloss Enamel Paint that can be used to paint on plastic surface as well as candle. This opaque colour paint can also be used on enamel/tin and other smooth surfaces.
Glass Plastic Container/Candle Painting 

Glass Etching <click on the picture to enlarge>
Etchall etching crème is a re-usable creme that produces a white, opaque, permanent, etched finish on glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble, or slate for decorative purposes. Also available is the easy cling stencil to transfer design.


Stenciling <click on the picture to enlarge>
American Traditional Stencils and Delta Stencil Magic. We also supply stencil paints, stencil brushes, brush cleaner and gloss/spray varnish.


Fabric / Leather Painting <click on the picture to enlarge>
We sell Dylon Fabric Dye, Dylon Fabric Paint, Dylon Multipurpose Dye, Dylon Fabric Pen as well as DecoArt So-Soft Fabric Paint. Apart from that we also have Leather Dye and paint.

Glass EtchingStencilingFabric Painting

Rubber Stamping <click on the picture to enlarge>
We feature imported as well as locally produced stamps. Selected Inkpads, embossing powder, embossing pen are also available.

Clay <click on the picture to enlarge>
Available at the shop are Plaster-Of-Paris (POP), Paper Clay, Molds and Pearl - Ex Powder paint.
Rubber StampingClay
Canvas Painting <click on the picture to enlarge>
We sell various sizes of canvas painting along with Acrylic paint set, Water-colour paint set and Oil-based paint set.
Face and Body Painting <click on the picture to enlarge>
Also available are paints for body and face of various colours. These paints are non-toxic and easily washable.
Canvas PaintingFace and Body Painting
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